I’m interested in what lies beneath a brand. Where the soul lives...

I have worked with many leading global specialty retail companies to help them define their brand personality with music, creating award winning motion video, and also graphic package and complementary web design. These mediums of expression with a consistent voice can create powerful emotional connections that a customer can have with a brand.

Noted film directors I have worked with such as David Lynch, and Walter Hill, gave me the experience of taking the power of visual storytelling and sound in new directions. It confirmed for me that focusing on the smallest details of any project can make the difference in successfully translating an idea.

This led me to working with musicians such as Grammy award winner Ry Cooder, assisting in the recording studio and innovative musician/composer Jon Hassell, helping him to create his personal narrative in both marketing and web content.

Back in the frontier days of the Internet, I produced  hyperFuzzy.com:  A web hybrid of

my interests in music, art, culture, and film as a platform. In an early burst of social networking, hyperFuzzy.com had one of the first live chat rooms – giving noted authors, musicians, and artists a forum to share ideas. It also included a shopping cart environment as a virtual place to sell their wares.

I’m always interested in new opportunities and interesting project collaborations.

-Rickio Woods

(A formal summary, can be found on the ‘resume’ page)